Let’s face it, SEO is complicated.

While Whiskey & Whiskey Design Co. offers recommendations for successful SEO campaigns and sets up all our website development projects to be successful, there are many facets of SEO that take extra work by either you (client), or a dedicated SEO marketing company. At this time, Whiskey & Whiskey Design Co. does not offer ongoing SEO services.

The information below was designed to give you an idea of the major factors involved in SEO and the steps you can take to make your site even more successful.

Link-backs and Social Networking
It takes time to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social networks. We typically recommend advertising your services, a call to action, or other valuable resources at least once a month, and optimally at least once a week. Keeping social network advertising updated and relevant to your company is a key factor in SEO. Link-back’s, which also coincide with the idea of advertising on social networks, gives you links from other sites to your website, which increases website ranking. One way to get link-back’s without using social networks is to reach out to other local businesses (related or not) and ask if they would be willing to add a link to your website on their website as a mutual referral system. Some incentives could be a reduced charge for services from you. We highly recommend that you ask your customers to create a review on Yelp (but only if they have an active account, as Yelp removes reviews from non-active members), Google, and other similar review websites. The more reviews you have on these type of review websites, the better your ranking will be. Having real customers review your business also has the benefit of increased trust for potential new customers and increases your business reputation.

This is a large factor and heavily affects your ranking. The longevity of the website and how long the domain name has existed are taken into account by major search engines. While Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines will “index” (read and display your site on their search page) typically within 24-48 hours, how long the website has been up and running typically ranks higher because the search engines see it as an established business, and not a fly-by-night website. There is nothing to do with this metric except wait.

Content of the Website
The text on the website, description text, and the “alt” or alternative text of the images on the website play a role in what the search engines see when they look at your site. Since search engines cannot read text within an image, it is vital that all of the images on your website have alternative text and give a good description of what the image is about.

How often the site is updated affects search results, and ongoing maintenance or a blog section is recommended to keep information fresh.

Existing Links
Looking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines, we recommend you perform a search for the name of your company, other relevant search terms, and see what comes up as search results. This can assist in being strategic in what your website shows, and what your competitors are up to.

Submission to the Yahoo Business Directory and DMOZ
These are the two major search directories that are used by most search engines.

A sitemap is a listing of the web pages on your website that search engines look at. An example of a sitemap can be seen within the footer of this page.

Your site must have relevant keywords and site titles that will help search engines display your pages properly and efficiently. The site title should be specific and to the point about who you are and what you provide. The keywords will help assist in ranking on some search engines, but most search engines like Google are giving these keywords less emphasis on what is found when a search is made. This is largely due to the fact that keywords can be entered that are not relevant to what your website is about, but could be popular keywords that people are searching for.

There is a lot to think about in regard to effective SEO. If you’d like more information, have specific questions, or would like to put together an action plan to increase your ranking, please contact us. Coffee is on us.