The following information will give you a good idea of how we create impactful and successful branding for your company or identity. The progression outlined below is typical, however we understand that not every branding project is the same, and additional steps may be necessary to ensure the right style and other designed pieces best represent your company, goals, an ideals.


01. Initial Discovery Meeting and Questionnaire
A phone, email, or in-person meeting is scheduled to introduce those who will be involved in your project, typically yourself and/or other decision makers, and a representative from Whiskey & Whiskey Design Co. During this meeting, you’ll tell us a little about you and your company background, and we’ll answer any questions you have about us or our process. Via a convenient online questionnaire, you’ll think about and answer a series of questions relating to your company, competitors, likes and dislikes, and what you envision for your brand. The answers to these questions help us to better define the vision for your project and create a no-obligation proposal for your review.

02. Proposal of Services
Once we have reviewed the answers to the questionnaire internally and gain a better knowledge of the provided information about your company, we narrow the project scope and present to you a Proposal of Services, which states proposed investment costs and an overview of what will be included in the project, such as revisions and deliverable items. To streamline this process, the proposal is viewable and can be accepted or declined online through our website. The proposal may include multiple options for your project at various price points and allow you to decide what works best for your needs and investment budget.

03. Contract of Services Signing, Deposit, and Deposit Invoice
A finalized contract of work is electronically signed outlining your rights and responsibilities as a client and our rights and responsibilities as a design company working with you on your project. Our standardized terms are 50% deposit of total project investment cost, which allows us to begin the research, resource gathering, and schedule your project into our playbook. We accept a check, PayPal, or credit/debit cards as payment.

04. Research & Internal Critique
After payment is finalized, we begin our work to research and develop your new brand identity, including checking up on any listed competitors and market leaders in your industry. Extensive initial sketches, discussions, and word maps are created to better define what direction the branding will follow. Several rounds of internal critique are performed between the Creative Director and the designer to better refine the upcoming created black and white comps, which are the first presentation to the client.

05. Presented Black and White Compositions
Once sketch ideas/methods are well developed internally, one to three black and white digital compositions are presented via email that we feel best represent your organization, with explanations of the branding direction and specific element notations. Based on the compositions presented, you (the client) determines a single composition to move forward with. If needed, we discuss with you any revisions that you feel the composition needs, which can include adding or removing elements, typeface selection, shape, or overall look and feel.

06. Introduction of Color and Theory
Color portrays strongly with any design, and thus we present one to three color variations of the previously chosen black and white composition. The colors selected are carefully reviewed to ensure the proper portrayal of your business is represented and used appropriately.

07. Finalization and Deliverable Content
With the branding direction and colors decided, you’ll electronically sign the project acceptance and finalization document to approve the branding. We also supply a finalized, digital invoice with the remaining 50% investment costs based on the proposal and contract signing, plus any applicable costs due to additionally requested content included in the proposal, such as additional compositions, consultation, or color options agreed upon prior or during the design process. You will also receive a digital, zipped file via email with all files listed below:

CMYK Branding Files (Used for print)
RGB Branding Files (Used for web or other digital formats)
Black & White Branding Files (Used for fax or single-color digital/printed forms)
Original Artwork Files (All original Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or other applicable files we create)
Supplemental Artwork Files/Resources