Brand Identity Questionnaire

Brand Identity Questionnaire

Please fill out all fields that are applicable to your project. The more detail you are able to provide, the more thorough and accurate of a proposal/scope can be provided to you. Every branding project is different, and we want to ensure your specific desires and needs for your new logo or business system are met. If you are unsure on any if any of the questions apply to your project or do not understand a question, simply note that within the answer box and one of our representatives will contact you to clarify.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Contact Information

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Company/Organization Information

What is the name of your company/organization/business?

Please provide a company description, services, and products offered.

Do you have a tag line for your business? If so, what is it?

Who will be involved in the style or review, or other decisions of the new branding? (Names: First Last)

Do you have current branding? If so, what colors, fonts, styles are used? (You may provide a logo via email if preferred)

Why was your company founded? What is your mission statement?

What motivated you to start this business/organization?

If your customers had to describe your company/organization in one word, what would it be?

What do you hope your company can be known for?

Who is the primary target audience? (Who is most likely to use your services/product?)

Who currently uses your product the most?

Are you looking to expand, modify, or completely change your target audience, or will it remain the same? If changed, why?

What are your current main forms of advertising?

How do most customers find out about your company?

What is the average income level of your target audience?

How many employees does your company have on staff?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?

Where do you see your company in 5 years? 10 years?

Is there anything else about your company we should know about?

Strategic & Competitor Information

Who are your competitors, either local, national, or global?

What makes your business different from your competitors and why should people do business with you?

Existing/Current Branding Information

What is the reason for modifying or redesigning your logo?

How old is your current logo?

What do your customers recognize first when they see your current logo?

Why does your company use the current colors, fonts, and style?

New Branding Information

Where will the logo be primarily used?

Are there any elements you would prefer to see in the logo?

In your opinion, what defines a well-designed logo?

Do you have a preference on if the logo is text based, icon based, or a combination of both?

What restrictions, if any, might there be on the logo?

What words or icons must be included in the logo?

List one to three logos from any company you believe are designed well and why.

List one to three logos from any company you believe are not designed well and why.

In your opinion, what is the primary purpose for a logo?

Other Information

Do you have a deadline when the branding needs to be completed?

Do you foresee any needed modifications in the next year?

What is the primary reason you chose Whiskey & Whiskey Design Co. to do your logo work?

Which is most important for you: quality, speed, or cost?

Will you be needing any other services in addition to this logo design?

We feel that the work we do for our clients should be viewed as an investment to the success of your business or organization, and less like an expense that won't be recovered. Being realistic, what investment budget is available for this project?