mod accounting

We worked directly with professional and proprietor of mod accounting, Manisha Jain, to give an elegance and very modern redesigned style to her business. The mod accounting brand specializes in CPA and Quickbooks integration, but relies heavily on a web-based approach to financial tracking and auditing. Since “mod”, short for “modern” is right in the name, we worked with Manisha and used bold, sophisticated colors and an undeniable crisp and clean printed and digital elements.

Using a branding package that spans across all platforms, including the symbol/wordmark logo itself, a full-color, double sided business card, email signature, and brand identity guide, all elements flow together in a harmonious and professional portrayal of this modern business and industry trend setting approach.


  • 01. Branding (Logo)
  • 02. Brand Identity Guide
  • 03. Business Cards
  • 04. Digital Email Signature