Woodward Men’s Fashion

Style, sophistication, and an eye for excellence. Woodward’s brand and packaging portray a sense of importance, uniqueness and elegance men of today require.

Using a bold pink, white, and dark gray color palette, Woodward sets itself apart from the drab and “typical” color scheme found in men’s fashion lines. Their campaign clearly stood out from the other brands in a vibrant and provocative way. Coupled with the bold gender association of their logo, and the sharp, geometric corners of their apparel collateral, Woodward sets the standard for eye-catching sophistication and uniqueness.


  • 01. Branding (Logo)
  • 02. Pricing tags
  • 03. Apparel wraps (shown: dress shirt, tie, watch case)
  • 04. Business cards
  • 05. Letterhead
  • 06. Mailing envelope
  • 07. Mailer/package labels
  • 08. Drop tags